07 août 2005

Day one - 6 to go

I'm knackered.
We walked all over the Louvre today, my niece was a little bundle of "ooh" this
and "aah" that, quickly resuming the proper 7-year-old behaviour with all the "carry my bag", "I'm tired", "I want a pain au chocolat" and "MORE walking????".
And then, she got her second wind. My sister and I were begging for mercy, and all she wanted was to see more, more, more, and for us to hold her hands while she tried to jump in the middle of the crowded Louvre, in the middle of the crowded metro stations, in the middle of the deserted pavement when we were dragging our own sorry feet back home. Needless to say, she was bitterly disappointed when we said no, again no, and lastly no.
But she took pictures with my camera, saw mummies of cats ("oh, this cat was huge!"), birds ("oh, such a small bird!" "oh, fish?!") and crocodile ("look, Anne, a crocodile, look, Anne, a crocodile, ANNE LOOK!"), sarcophaguses (i?) of real people ("why is this one more decorated than that one?" "why is it made of wood?" "why is it made of basalt?" "what is basalt?"), the Monna Lisa ("why is this painting famous?" "why does everybody think it's beautiful?" "well, I like it."), and many more things, all of which elicited a long series of questions.
And then, after dinner, we played Pictionary. This below is her last effort, before going to bed, so I could have a long-deserved cigarette.

I'm sorry about the poor quality of the picture, but that's the only one where you could actually see anything. Can you guess what it is? I'll help you like she did.
"OK, I can't really draw, because I'm bad at drawing, so I'll just make a circle. And... there."
We tried a few things, a turtle, an eye, Cindy Crawford when not airbrushed... "No." "No." "Uh? No."
"Well, you'll HAVE to guess, because I'm done drawing here."
Time's up. Phew. So? What is it?
"New York!"

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