30 août 2005

On irrational fears

It's one of these weird things where I'm scared to death, and beyond, of flooding my flat. It's not exactly like I haven't enough problems with the whole bloody building as it is.
My washing machine is making bizarre noises these days. And of course, it coincides perfectly with the time I decide to wash just about everything fabric in the flat. Clothes, curtains, rugs, couch throws and cushion covers... you name it, if it's made of interwoven threads, I wash it.
The thing is I've always been scared of my machine. The first one I had was over five years ago, and as I knew I wasn't going to stay long (I was going to Australia), I hadn't actually fixed the hosing, or whatever you call it, properly. So everytime I washed a load, I'd have to attach the hose to the basin tap so it could drain somewhere else than on the floor. Except that one day where I forgot. I was on the phone when the shit hit the fan. That's exactly what it felt like. It's a weird feeling when you're talking about this and that with a friend and suddenly you hear that sudden, loud, and repetitive noise, quickly followed by a no less loud swish/glug glug sound. I never hung up so quickly.
But that was OK to deal with. After all, it only took a dozen slaps in my own face for being so. incredibly. stupid! and a mop.
In my present flat, it's completely different, considering the configuration and general state of the pipes. Everytime I start a wash, I kind of pray that no noise is going to disrupt my peace and quiet, and well, everytime I slightly overload the beast, one does. AND, during the spin cycles, it moves. A lot. Again, that's when slightly overloaded. But still. The pipe that's directly behind it looks fragile to say the least. Hence the fear.
Plus, it's making bizarre gurgling sounds. And I know I should really look into it, but what if it decides to die on me in a freak flood incident, just because I decided to check the filter?
I mean, defrosting the deep freeze is one thing, but coping with a washing machine is a different kettle of fish altogether.
There. One fear done, 438 to go.

PS: Offspring's Why don't you get a job is playing right now. They're taking the mickey, right?

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