15 août 2005

The last two days of my life as I know it

Of course nothing is in the works and I am not planning a move (or rather I am planning on it, but planning it would be a bit quick off the mark) and nothing spectacular is going to happen (I don't think), it's just that I work much, much better under tight deadlines (as all my potential employers have been told) and two days, well, I suppose it does qualify as a tight deadline when the goal is to change your life around, doesn't it?
I was going to rant and repeat the same kind of lame-ass stuff I've been posting for a while, but even I got tired of it. Just so you get the jist if you've missed the previous 176 episodes: basically, I need change. I crave change. I want change.
If change doesn't happen, well then, I guess I'm going to have to pretend, aren't I? And anyway, after a while, it all becomes true, doesn't it?

One thing's not going to change, and that's a sure thing, much as I'm loath to admit it. I'll never be big on poetry.
I spent the afternoon and evening with friends today. Ooh, anybody here knows how to play belote? Because I KICK ASS at belote, and it's just immensely pleasurable to KICK ASS at something, even if it's just a card game that's
only played in France, and by a very select part of the population (read Southern pensioners). We started by watching Alfie while eating a mean strawberry pie. Or should I say we ate a mean strawberry pie while watching Alfie?
Anyway, the tarte aux fraises was really very good. Very tasty pâte sablée, very sweet (not sickening) crème pâtissière, and very ripe strawberries. Yum.
And man, that Jude Law is actually quite good-looking, isn't he? Not quite as irresistible as Jeff Goldblum (oh come on, if I hadn't mentioned him, you'd have thunk I was ill), but, you know, good-looking. But Sienna Miller? What's so special about her? Did her first producer just look at her and go "Hmmm, I'm thinking Elizabeth Hurley, I'm thinking blonde, I'm thinking English, I'm thinking younger and less mum than Elizabeth Hurley, I'm thinking money money money, here's your contract"? And no, I'm not jealous. She's nothing special, acting-wise, is she? Mind you, I like Sandra Bullock, so really, who am I to judge, huh?
Did I hear the word 'poetry' mentioned? Where was I? Oh yes. Alfie. Not a particularly good movie, is it? Of course, even without seeing the one starring Michael Caine, I know I preferred the original. But that's just because I don't understand the need to remake a Michael Caine movie. Now, I'm not saying it was particularly bad either, you understand.
Anne, focus.
So, if you've seen Alfie-the-unnecessary-but-OK-remake, d'you remember the time when said Alfie advises his boss to write a poem to woo his wife back? He asks for her name, which is Blossom, and tries to think of something that would rhyme with it?
That's what sprung to my mind.

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