04 août 2005

Paris when it sizzles

That was a gratuitous reference to William Holden, just because I felt like it. Paris is nowhere near sizzling right now, but the sun does shine a little, so we'll take whatever comes our way, eh?
Yesterday was spent with a friend, doing the tourist thing in the Saint-Lazare, Opéra and Champs-Elysées area, and it was very cool, let me tell you. Very cool (a couple of pictures were posted on Flickr). Sometimes I do agree, Paris is a beautiful city.
I met S. for lunch. Yeah, we'll call her S. so I don't get confused with false names and stuff. She's a sports journalist and she still hasn't managed to get me a job in sports events organisation (you can start booing now). But it's OK, because she keeps me supplied with loads of gossip everytime I see her. Gossip that I can't let you know anything about, you understand, because I'm trustworthy, and hey, one day, she might - just might, mind, but I'll take whatever I can - refer me to someone helpful in the ways of finding a job in sports events organisation. Not that I'm a monomaniac or anything, but a girl's gotta be coherent in her sports events organisation love, right?
So we had lunch at a little restaurant in Saint-Lazare, and it's funny how a change of arrondissement will make for a change of people and views. Let's put it that way, the streets are a much more interesting sight there than they are where I live... First, there are so many more tourists. Which I suppose is understandable when you're talking about that specific area, with all the departments stores and designer boutiques..., but the Père-Lachaise cemetary is right around the corner from where I live, and that's gotta count for something, right?
Oh, hang on, I've just realised that this moaning sounds like I want more tourists in my neighbourhood. Let me correct this gross misunderstanding quickly: no no no no no, I don't. There.
I'm simply saying that my 'hood (heh) is just as attractive and interesting and sunny and warm as any other, thank you.
So anyway, back to the tourist path, Saint-Lazare and the nice restaurant, with very bizarre-looking people coming in and going out. Not bizarre as in trendy in a way I don't understand, just bizarre. Bizarre clothes, bizarre attitude. You know. Bizarre.
So after a very long lunch (not heavy, just long - chatting, catching up on us, catching up on all the celebs... it does take time), we decided we would walk about a bit. And as luck would have it, we stumbled upon this little ice-cream stall, outside a shop with a most promising name: La maison du chocolat. And... we gave in.
We went for a scoop of chocolate and lemon sorbet.
Yes, you may start drooling.
"Oh yum!" went my friend.
"Oh yum indeed" says me.
"That so is better than sex", she added.
See what girlie mags can do to people? Brainwashing, I call it.

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