24 août 2005

The things I'd do for... The things I'd do.

It was going to be a "Dear Diary" entry, today, maybe because I didn't have any better idea. In the end, I decided against it, though. Not because I was worried that you wouldn't run fast enough to avoid getting sucked into the huge-mongous expanse of empty that is my life at the moment (there would have been a warning anyway) but because apparently Providence took pity on me (or you) and decided to come to my rescue by giving me stuff to write about. And just you wait to hear about the stuff, it's earth-shattering. No, silly, I haven't found a job, stop asking. I'll tell you when I strike lucky.
I was meeting friends for dinner (oh, don't go rolling your eyes saying "again!", it always, always, happens in threes, and then zilch for ever). Before I left my flat, I made sure I had my notebook with me (do you know when inspiration is going to come a-knocking at your door? Neither do I, and I'm not taking any chances) and, comforted by its presence in my bag, I set off. Midway to the metro, I stopped dead in my tracks, to the amazement of a few pedestrians, and started rummaging through my bag (no small feat, considering it is full to the brim of crap I probably don't ever use - but moving on.) and sure enough, my pen wasn't in there. One of my many pens, I should say. A bit like lighters, those. The more I have, the more I seem to forget them. No worries, thought I, I'll buy me one at the newsagent's in the metro station. That's when a drop of water hit me squarely in the middle of the forehead, splashing my glasses in the process. Proceeding
stubbornly, I blindly advanced (yes, plenty of crap, but not a tissue in that bag of mine) and finally got to the metro. The newsagent was closing when I got there but cunningly, I just pretended I didn't notice. I walked on to the counter with purpose and poise, grabbed a Bic Atlantis (which I don't recommend) and heard "Bend down on your way out". Come again? Oh. He was rolling the iron curtain thingy down. So I tried to exit with as much dignity as possible, failed, lost my change, launched a foot to try and stop the coins from rolling all over the station, and nearly knocked out a little baby in his pushchair.
See? Told you things had happened.

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