16 janvier 2006

That big tease

Ever noticed how the New Year can be compared to a gold-digging slut that lots of people could say lots of nasty things about if they got together?
Let me (kind of) explain: surely all of you noticed the come-hither looks that 2006 was throwing our way back in December, and the "take-me take-me" voice it was using to utter false promises, surrounded all the while as it was with a thick cloud of cheap perfume?
Well, it seems that morning has finally come. My hangover is really quite bad. New Year's make-up has run in thick smudges around its world-weary and oh-so-cunning eyes and wrinkled mouth, and it really doesn't look appealing at all anymore. At all.
Problem is, apparently I signed something in my drunken stupor, and it seems I'm really going to have to stick this out.
Know of a way out?

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