29 janvier 2006

Don't you hate January?

And aren't you really glad it's over?
It felt like all of the shite that didn't have time to hit the fan last year decided that January was its last chance and rushed on to splatter me all at the same time. Fair enough. But let me tell you this, shite of last year: you and me, we're through now!
I know we still have one full day to go (ooh, bugger, and most of today, too) and that really anything shudder bad shudder could happen still, but I choose to think that whatever occurs from now on will be good. Plus, all the girly magazines (or women magazines if you want to call them that but it makes me feel like a middle-aged pensioner, which I'm just not ready for yet, so 'girly' it is) have published their horoscopes for 2006 and they all concur. Yes they do. And we know that horoscopes are always right, don't we, girls? (Hey, I translated a yearly horoscope once, I know exactly what I'm talking about - anyone who bought a Gemini horoscope booklet in Paris for the year 2000 probably had the best one ever. Ever.)
So yeah, I'm now officially ready for what 2006 has to offer, and it had better be spectacular.
Bring it on!

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