18 janvier 2006

Oh man, what are we going to talk about now?

OK, people, after the whole translation test thingy, I decided to give you a bit of slack about the interview. So it's come and gone, and you didn't even have to cross your fingers. What can I say, I felt magnanimous.
Very bizarre it was too, extremely informal, so informal in fact that I'm wondering if I was supposed to leave at the end or if we were meant to start sharing details about ex-boyfriends and stuff. I'd hate to have screwed up on information retention grounds.
But anyway, it's done, and I want that job, even though I still have no idea how it would happen, or where for that matter, as they keep adding new towns (apparently, some of those you really can't call cities) into the equation.
And so, without further ado and beating around the bush... back to the real point of this. You didn't really think that me feeling magnanimous for the interview meant that this sorry state of affairs would last for ever, did you? Good, 'cause now would be a good time to start spasmodically crossing those digits, until they let me know if they've made the right decision or if I should have Chuck Norris come roundhouse kick them around the globe
a few times.
Considering I still don't know whether my tests (notice the plural, I did write a few) were good enough (I was supposed to know before I went to the interview, which does sound logical, after all), this might take a while. But hey, at least your fingers are getting some exercise. You can thank me later.

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