17 janvier 2006

Heaven help Hollywood

Or French TV, I'm not sure.
See, let me recap for you my major problem these days (Hmmm. I'll edit slightly, shall I?). I'm looking for a job somewhere in an English-speaking country, preferably in North America (still waiting for an answer from Canada), I'm not really set on the actual job per se, but, you know, translating, languages, this kind of stuff. And I think I may have found just the thing.
I was just watching the Golden Globes (taped, time difference is a bitch (and I'm quite chuffed about the awards themselves, what did you think?)), and the French cable channel (?) had splashed out on two commenters. Two commenters. One for his knowledge of all things movie and TV, one for her knowledge of English so she could interpret for us.
Well. I am this close to sending in an application letter to replace them both. This close.

Also. Mariah Carey. Discuss. Please discuss.

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