06 février 2005


Before anyone asks, the name of this blog is not a rip-off but an homage to the great Bill Watterson.

It's the first time I've done this blog thing, so you're going to have to excuse the many gaffes and mishaps. All jitters aside, it's funny how I do feel like I'm well on my way to winning the Pulitzer or something. Yes, I've more chance of or something happening than I will ever have of getting the Pulitzer, but you can't blame a girl for dreaming, right? Or stop her, for that matter...

Huh. I thought I had loads of things to say, and I can't remember any of them: this might be the shortest-lived blog in the history of short-lived blogs. And there goes the Pulitzer.

Anyway. I'm not sure how this works, so feel free to shout or jeer when you think I'm not doing it proper.

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