12 février 2005

Career change?

I've just watched a show on TV called "Ca balance à Paris" - a pun on a French song title (ça balance pas mal à Paris, by Michel Berger, for those of you who are interested in French 70's-80's culture), which literally means that there's quite a bit of back-stabbing in Paris.
Why this particular title for the show, you ask? Well, the people presenting it all belong to France's intelligentsia, and they are not afraid to speak their mind. So they go about giving acerbic critiques of all things cultural happening in France. Well, in Paris really. It's a bitty annoying, but hey, better than The Young and The Restless.
OK, you get the picture.
Being in France, though, all things cultural apparently extend to food (even though I'm French, I find that hard to fathom. Whatever). Oops, I should really say cuisine.
So this guy gets paid to take one of his friends along and go spend a small fortune in restaurants that he fancies going to, on the excuse that he tests and grades them. A cheap date is what I call it. So there he was, not five minutes ago, telling us that this lovely appetiser of lukewarm pumpkin and coffee soup, followed by one scallop and seaweed, some more fish with a crepe, crowned by a coconut and pineapple sorbet thing, was worth every cent of the 300 euros it cost him ('bout the same in USD and around 200 British sterling things). Except it's not really his euros, because it's obviously all expensed.
So here's my plan. I was thinking I would do the same, and you could read my critiques here. Are you with me?
Here's the snag. I'm out of a job in less than three months, so I thought I'd appeal to your generosity to sort of sponsor me through it: instead of an Amazon wish-list, I'd post a list of all the restaurants I'd like to go to, I mean professionally obviously, and you (all four of you...) would fund me so that next time you come to Paris you know exactly where you can go get some grub. Deal?

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