18 février 2005


I need an action hero. Notice the wording here, it's not I want an action hero, or ooh I'm so lusting after an action hero. No, we're talking basic, essential stuff. Need, as in need to pee. You'd die of a bursted bladder if you didn't. Well, I'll shrivel and die if I don't get an action hero.
I'm blaming Spooks and 24. I'm blaming those tough guys with rugged good looks (although somehow that doesn't apply to all of them); I'm blaming the easy wit, the killer one-liners in the face of danger, the oh-so-manly grunts and/or screams when tortured. The reckless disrespect of authority. The vulnerability in front of women*. Their resistance to stress.
Oh dear, considering this, doesn't it also apply to Rachel giving birth on "Friends"?

*Have you seen the girl on the third season of 24? How can your entire face look like a botched job and still you get a role on one of today's most popular series?

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