26 février 2005

Oh dear

This morning, I just had to re-sort my books. Woke up and thought, this is it, I'm doing it now.
To give you an inkling of what I went through, I'm a compulsive reader, and, more to the point here, I'm a compulsive book-buyer. So they just pile up.
I had started some kind of order at some point, sorting them first by language, then in alphabetical order. Useless once you start buying more and more, and lending some, and then re-reading some that you really enjoyed the first time around, etc. So my (few) shelves were a mess.
Back to today: I decided to sort them purely alphabetically. Sod the language, I don't care, I'm a show-off anyway.
It took me near on two hours. I'm dusty all over. My back aches. And I'm not happy. It doesn't look good. I might have to just hurricane through them to go back to the mess it was, which, looking back, I enjoyed.
Oh dear.

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