10 février 2005

French job advertised

Personal newsflash. I am leaving my job in a few months. Three to be precise.
Anyone interested? In Paris, small team, fast-growing training/consulting company, office-manager type position (with responsibilities regarding up- and downstream organisation of training sessions - can be very interesting). We're desperate for someone bilingual. Let me know if you're interested, I'll send you the ad.

Back to the post. As I'm a nice person (read silly cow, really), I've agreed to process the application letters for the position and I'm to make sure that whoever gets an interview with the rest of the team, the rest of the team won't be totally wasting their time.
Weeeellll... The ad went on line only this morning, and we had near on 50 applications this evening. That's FIFTY applications. 10 times five. Or 5 times ten. A lot. Way, way too many. And last time I checked, they were still pouring into my mailbox.
The thing is, there's this story going around that unemployed people take blatant advantage of all that France has to offer in terms of unemployment claims and stuff and basically enjoy extended paid holidays. Well, huh huh, no siree: they're looking all right.
How do I sort through 50 letters so far, probably double by tomorrow evening? How do I know from one sheet of paper that he is just unsuitable for the job, while she will do just fine...?
Wouldn't it be easier if I just stayed on? Oh wait...
Gotta go, I've got some reading to do.

PS: The ad is valid, the offer is too. Three more letters aren't going to make that much of a difference... ;-)

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