14 février 2005

Something (slightly more manly) to talk about

Well, we did the Valentine's Day thing, so let's talk about sport.
Yesterday's rugby, to be specific. Can anybody explain to me how England can lose two in a row, when France undeservingly wins both of its games? Now don't get me wrong, I lived in Scotland for a wee while, so I'm ecstatic that England is so far on a par* with Italy and, well, Scotland. But still, there is a lot of unfairness in this world, isn't there?

One of my friends has provided me with a girl's explanation: apparently, it's karma - as there were a couple times that we lost when really we should have won. So it's a clear case of "what goes around comes around". I think not, but hey.

*match-wise, I'm not going to go into the point system because it would ruin my argument

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