10 septembre 2005


- Come on, hun, we'll be late.
- Muuum! Don't call me hun. I'm not a hun.
- Sorry, Greg-o-ry. Hurry up anyway, we'll be late.
Laura didn't like having to take her son grocery shopping with her. It was always a struggle not to buy him this or that, always prodding him to hurry up, always asking him to stop dawdling, always threatening him to... Woah, that man was carrying a lot of water!
- Gregory, hurry UP! Ow!
That hurt like a bitch. A trolley hadn't stopped before hitting her right on the back of the ankle.
- Oh sorry, miss...
That lady had an awful lot of bottles in her trolley. No wonder she'd had trouble braking.
Laura noticed several other people whose arms were loaded with cases of bottled water, soda, beer... Odd. There had been no heatwave warning in the news, it had even drizzled slightly in the morning.
It seemed that this family had bought nothing but drinks. Laura was starting to get worried now.
Without even knowing why, she grabbed Gregory and said:
- Come on, I forgot to get water. You'll help me carry some, yes?

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