04 septembre 2005

The end of an era

I'm officially over George Clooney. I know, I said that a while back, Jeff Goldblum had suddenly appeared and I'd seen the light blah blah. But did you honestly believe that? Cause I'm not sure I was completely convinced. And I hadn't seen him (George) in quite a while. So really who was I to tell? Supposedly, I'm me so I should know, but if I really knew what I'm thinking, saying, doing... well, let's just say my life would be slightly less of a... something. I can't even finish a sentence, ya think I know where my sexy-actor loyalties lie?
Anyway. He is
(or was) in Venice for the Mostra, and will soon be (or is) in Deauville for the festival (honestly ocean and sea (or canal) side (I never got that Venice geography right (I've never been (but I know I will go one day (when, you know, I'm in a... relationship thing)) so it's understandable)) towns for movie festivals, this man has a hard life (did you think I was never going to finish that sentence? (and stop using parentheses?))) so he was being interviewed by the newsanchor on France 2, one of the French TV channels. One of my friends actually called me to tell me he was going to be on. I'm so pathetic that my friends call to tell me George will be on the telly.
Well, not anymore, people! He did nothing for me this time. Nuttin'. Not one tingle of the belly, not one "ooh he's gorgeous" (OK, maybe a tiny one, but honestly, nothing to write a blog post about), not one "mmm I'd so like to try and have his babies". If anything, I found him slightly smug. Who am I and what have they done to me?
So. That got me thinking. Do I really like Jeff? I'm not sure. He's one sexy bugger, granted, but really, do I like him? Honestly? No. If anything, he's actually a little smug too.
Do I need a new idol? Or should I start living in reality?

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