15 septembre 2005

Moving on

One of my very best friends is moving to Brussels this morning. It's a big career move, and as scary as it might feel to her, it'll all be great once she's settled. Everybody says Brussels is a great city. I have no doubt that it'll be fantastic, and she'll enjoy it immensely.
Her boyfriend is going on Saturday, with all of her clothes and stuff, and they'll be gradually moving over. They're getting married at the end of October so it'll be easier.
Now, if you'll allow me to be self-centered, I'll tell you something. I feel like shit right now. There'll be no more last-minute Japanese restaurant and DVD evenings, no more endless phone talks - even though (or because) we live(d) 10 minutes away from each other, no more beers in the middle of the afternoon. It'll all have to be planned now.
It's hell to stay behind; I want to move on too.
I'm taking her to the station now. It's a start, I guess.

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