19 septembre 2005

Alive and kicking

Jim Kerr, of Simple Minds fame, was on French TV on Saturday.
That was me quite chuffed, until I realised he bears quite the uncanny resemblance to my former flatmate in Sydney. And boy did that uncanny resemblance bring back some memories.
Let me tell you about my flatmate from Sydney. Let's call him John. Quite a handy generic name, since it also happens to be his real name.
John advertised a room in a building that was within walking distance of my workplace, and he also happened to be working for the Olympic Games.
Now, if there ever was a bad move on my part, that probably was it. Pun intended. Do not, ever, move in with a guy that you don't know but works for the same employer. Ever. Especially if you were also offered a room in one of your favourite areas of Sydney by the cutest potential flatmate you could hope to meet. Sometimes I wonder when exactly I'll stop making stupid choices and even more stupid decisions, and what exactly pushes me to make these choices and decisions. Oh yes, I know. The smell in the bathroom. Anyway.
John was 48, divorced, single, and a slob. Don't get me wrong, I can be a slob too (and I can be a great slob, believe you me), but I do like to keep my slobbiness to myself. John looked set on achieving a new record re the slob level that could be achieved by one single individual in a flatshare.
He could cook though, and that was part of the problem. Cooking for him was a spiritual and artistic experience. The Jackson Pollock Food Experiment. So cook he would (and to do him justice, what he cooked was usually pretty good, except when he decided to make yoghurt. That was both nasty and disturbing.), and then, exhausted by his creativity and culinary prowess, he'd leave the dishes to fester. And he'd drop food on the carpet when eating and never ever ever pick it up. Slob.
There were times when I dreaded coming home because I just didn't want to see him, his oblivious smile, his oblivious looks, his crumbs...
Oh shit, he might have ruined the whole Simple Minds thing for me, now.

OK, after a quick check, I'm happy to report that no, he hasn't.

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