08 septembre 2005


... for champagne and 1940s movies!
That sounds horribly snob when I say it like that, doesn't it? OK, let me explain. A bunch of us were meeting for an apéritif yesterday evening, at a lovely bar, L'Ave Maria, which just happens to serve very nice cocktails, for a very reasonable price (honest - but they're reasonable for Paris, all right?). These cocktails are mostly Latin American, caipirinhas, mojitos and such. But me, I don't like rum. Yes, snicker all you want, I don't. Except in hot milk when I've a cold.
So I went for the champagne-based ones. I had (and everyone else went along - and agreed retrospectively that it was quite the best choice) what is rather enticingly called Agua de Bora-Bora. Champagne, vodka, kiwi, mango and rose. Bliss. Slightly intoxicated bliss, but bliss all the same.
And then I left them to go to some friends' place, because we were having a catching-up-with-American-pop-culture party, with the first three episodes of Desperate Housewives on TV. And lo and behold, there was champagne there too!
Where do the 1940s movies come in, then? I can sense your befuddlement. Is she that drunk that she thinks Desperate Housewives is a Mankiewicz classic?
No, silly. I received the Philadelphia Story DVD today (my brother's b'day present). Could that day have got any better? (First one who says I could have received a job offer gets shot on the spot. Tipsy and happy, but alcohol may have violent side-effects.)

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