07 septembre 2005

It's always like that, isn't it?

I've had a fantastic day, done stuff that needed to be done, talked to friends, had a friend pay me a surprise visit in the afternoon, and I love surprise visits, de-painted my toe-nails, only to paint them again tomorrow, but you know how it goes, basically had a nice, stress-free day. I was even looking forward to Ireland-France in the evening.
And then I offered to help a friend proof-read his dissertation because he needs to hand it in on Friday and he's not quite finished yet. So we're doing things in a bit of a rush. 80 pages of accounting mumbo-jumbo. Oh joy. I've only just finished.

To think I was hoping to tell you about that literary evening I attended on Tuesday. All cultural and cultured, it was.
Or I could have told you about the supermarket that's re-opened
all refurbished and brand new at the end of the road. Because my life is not only governed by the literary, it's also very much anchored in reality. It's a nice supermarket.
Or I could have bent your ear some more about music, as today was my very own Scotland revival - only meaning that I listened to Simple Minds, and to a tape I recorded in my student days in Aberdeen, on my radio-cum-tape-player alarm clock, and it's full of gems. Full, I say.
Oh well. Next time, eh? I'm off to bed now.

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