20 septembre 2005

Good things come in threes

And I can't fucking wait.
New man, new job, new life. That would about cover it.
For now, I hate it to break it to myself, but it's bad bad bad.
So one of my best friends has left (and her boyfriend has made it safely across the border, so that's comforting), my building is getting some long overdue works that are literally going to cost me an arm and a leg (and I'm wasting one more evening tonight debriefing about some meeting or other - but is it going to mean that I pay less? I think not), and my mum is back in the hospital next week, so I'll be spending next week at my parents'.
You remember that excellent, excellent line by Rachel in Friends? "There's rock-bottom, then fifty feet of crap, then me"? Sounds about right.
No actually, that sounds like the crappiest self-pitying line I've ever heard. Or uttered. And hey, let's face it, I've uttered a few. Whatever happened to that "I'm a new person" bla de blah
theory? I can't even stick to one puny resolution? Shame on me. You're allowed to castigate me - only, be nice.
Oh yeah, and autumn starts tomorrow. AUTUMN! Where did the summer go?

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