04 octobre 2005

Or soy sauce? Is soy sauce bad for you?

And this time, I shall mention it straight away, lest I forget to part with that valuable piece of information. I love soy sauce. Probably as much as I love cumin seeds. I might have spontaneously decided today to stop buying salt and use exclusively soy sauce. I'm not completely sure though, because it's hard to know when you're taking such a momentous decision on such short notice, isn't it? I mean, who can tell that it's actually a decision, and not an "ooh, let's taste the wind" moment... ew. Did I mean test? I might have meant test. Rewind. I mean, who can tell that it's actually a decision, and not an "ooh, let's test the wind" moment?
Not me, that's who.
Who can say that I won't be craving salt in a couple days, when I'm not even sure if I want short or long nails? That's more manageable as a day-to-day situation, and yet, guess what... I'm lost! I had long nails until this morning. Not Florence Griffith-Joyner long, but you know, girlie long. After a couple repetitive mistypes on the translation from hell (apparently, I make my own hell: I was praised for my thoroughness and told - at the same time! people manage to juggle job-changing decisions in a split second, why can't I choose between salt and soy sauce? Hmmm? - to not bother and go for quick and easy), I decided that it was all the nails' fault and trimmed them. A lot. I feel I have to say a lot, because in my mind, trimmed means a little. Well, no. In that case, it was a lot. And of course there have been as many mistypes since then. And now I miss my nails. And they're going to take for ever to grow back, and we'll be back at square one.
So maybe I should just buy both soy sauce and salt. But it feels like a cop-out.
Or I could say I keep salt for the guests.
Oh yeah, before you go all "but what are you talking about, soy sauce is sweet!", it's the salty soy sauce I like. Sweet, not so much. Well, I do like it, but I'm never sure if I like the salty one better.
Oh god.

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