24 octobre 2005

Monday night at the movies

Dire Straits scarred me for life. Anyway.
I've just seen Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. A full review is being edited, checked and proofread as I type, but have no fear, as you will not, in fact, be subjected to it.
A few of us were meeting up for said movie, among which one girl whose birthday it was. We thought we'd go see the film, and have drinks afterwards, in workweek evening celebration manner thing.
She didn't show up. Let me say that again for emphasis. She didn't show up. W
e went to a cinema on the other side of town, saw the movie, and went back home, on the other side of town, and she didn't show up.
Sweet, no? Sheesh. Her loss.
That's all I gotta say.
Oh, OK, and that Corpse Bride is pretty good.

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