06 octobre 2005

Let us reflect...

... upon the brevity of life, especially for an ashtray that crashes at my place. No pun intended, but it's really rather appropriate considering that it plunged to an untimely death this afternoon, causing an ear-shattering noise and quite a few shards.
I suppose it is only fair that it should go out with a bang, considering I loved it to bits. It was a beautiful glass ashtray, round and smooth.
I'm sad. I might even quit smoking now, but I'm not sure, I have other little ashtrays who need my full attention, even though or especially now that they have lost their more beautiful brother.

Rereading that, I should really stop smoking. I'll probably end up alone, or with cats, lots of cats, same difference, and I'll burn to death in a freak accident involving my friend the bottle of vodka, a lit cigarette and a broken ashtray. I can tell. Unless I'm certified and put away for the good of society, not to mention to avoid harming myself and/or others.

That's a distinct possibility.

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