12 octobre 2005

I have heroes

Cereologist: One who specialises in investigating crop circles.

I am amazed at human ingenuity. So two clever pensioners think "wey-hey, let's have a bit of fun, shall we, and pretend that aliens have mowed (or whatever) circles in the wheatfields and see how everyone reacts".
Which I think is brilliant on its own, as a prank, as a plot, as anything. Guys, I salute you.

But then somebody came and was even more clever. Somebody saw right through them and said "oo ooh, I'll invent me a new job and pretend that's exactly what I study! Surely, gullible as they are, people will fall for it!"
And now it's today's word on Wordsmith.org.

Some people deserve to rule the world, I tell you.

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