10 mai 2006

You're forcing me to do this

Listen, people of various charities who choose to phone at lunchtime, dinnertime, and any time in between. I respect the job that you're doing as a member of, you know, the various charities that you represent. And I wish I could give more, to all of you, and end war, hunger, poverty and sexual frustration in the world.
OK, so that last one's not a charity. But I am pretty sure that if it were one, you would raise a lot of money for that. A lot.
So, despite that obvious oversight, which I just might tackle soon, I respect you, your job, your causes, etc. Nevertheless, you are going to have to stop calling me. Honestly. Everyday, a couple of times a day? There is such a thing as overdoing it, you know.
Now, I am more than willing to contribute to a joint effort, but I cannot do this on my own.
Especially in these tax-paying times. And it does feel like you're relying exclusively on me. Which is an easy mistake, I guess, as I am a very reliable person.
However. You see, I am unemployed. In fact, there is a good chance that, if things continue down the slick, soap-covered slope they very clearly have embarked on, I might have to take full advantage from one of your charities. So you calling me at any time of day is not only a textbook example of "not efficient", but it could be construed as moral harassment. I could probably sue you for moral distraught: everyday, several times a day, you manage to make me feel completely inadequate and unhelpful. And you know, someone like me (reliable, then) needs to feel helpful. Obviously.
Yeah... So I would probably lose this particular case... and there is no such thing as bad publicity for you... Crap!
All right. Fine. Fine. I'll just take on standard telemarketers then. 'Cause there's a whole 'nother post in that.

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