09 mai 2006

Needles - who knew they were dangerous?

Substance abuse is no laughing matter. I know, I have it. Not one, not two, it. Name a substance, any substance, and there is a very real possibility that I will abuse it in an undefined future.
Like wool, for instance. I abuse wool. Hi, my name is anne and I'm a wool-abuser.
Knitting is all the rage right now. Every trendy girl in Paris has taken up knitting. Well, I'm not trendy, but I'm trying to cut down on the smoking.
How, you ask? Willpower, ladies and gents, willpower. And, you know, yelling at people, craving chocolate, gnawing my nails, knitting. Well, yeah, knitting: I need to keep my hands occupied...
Hence the abuse. Although it also signifies progress. I have replaced one addiction with a less health-hazardy one. Slightly less health-hazardy anyway, it is needles we're talking about, after all.
But honestly, wool has never felt so cheap than since I've started knitting again. You see, I used to knit. Well... Not so much knit as have two needles enter a deadly duel with one another, in a "I have no light saber but I like to pretend" kind of way.
However, I had to give up after a while, because my dad has never worn the bonnet that I knitted for him, and that made me realize that maybe, just maybe, the stuff I knitted was not, in fact, wearable.
But I'm nothing if not persistent, and, again, I'm trying to cut down on the smoking. So a while back, I googled "knitting" and came up with a bunch of sites explaining the various stitches (do you call them stitches in English? I googled in French. And I really can't be arsed looking up the bilingual version just now...)
It was that easy. Some leftover wool, a couple a needles, and off I went, down that heretofore untravelled (by me) road of fancy knitting. No wonder public health is going down the drain, considering the easy access to everything.
To be honest, I didn't travel that far down it. Apparently, I'm inventing new stitches. And they do not make for pretty sweaters. I might have to give up again for another five to ten years. It'll be hard to quit.
Smoking would probably make it easier.

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