01 mai 2006

Seriously, now.

There is a Robbie Williams CD, and, more shockingly, a Shakira CD on my shelf. Honestly... I know I said I had no musical tastes to speak of, but surely that's pushing it.
Let me rephrase this to reflect the fact that drastic measures have been taken. There were a Robbie Williams CD and a Shakira CD on my shelf. They've now been put away in a bag, said bag has been hidden where no one can see it, and they are currently waiting to be taken to a place where money - however little of it, let's not kid ourselves - will change hands in a very discreet manner so I can be washed clean of that particular sin.
And we need never mention this again. Ever.
With the money I get for those two, I'll buy new music, music that I won't be ashamed of, like, oh I don't know, an All Saints anthology or something. Baby steps.

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