14 mai 2006

Ready, steady... Oh, that's right. I can't do steady.

No, this is not, in fact, a post with lots of relationship advice and the secret cure to commitment-phobia in it. Those of you who were expecting that may now move on to the next page of Google results.
So many of you take pictures without even realizing how hard it is for us normal (or... you know...) people, that you're probably never going to understand this, but anyway, here goes my cry for help, understanding and maybe a little pity. With summer come longer days, beautiful dusk and night "light", and endless opportunities to shoot away, especially at night. And endless opportunities for me to snap, tremble, delete, snap, tremble, delete, etc. And I suppose I should really be grateful for digital cameras. Just think of the number of forests for whose destruction I'd be single-handedly responsible if I was using a camera with real, processable film in it...
Still... Frankly, it's annoying. I have tried a lot of things to remedy this problem, and none of them's worked. This evening, I tried a friend's shoulder. He moved. In fact, the picture with his "help" was a lot worse than the one without. Which is just typical, isn't it. Just when you're hoping you'll be able to rely, maybe even rest, on a man's shoulder, he fails you.
Honestly, though, this isn't about relationships.
Maybe I should just wander about with a telescopic tripod. (Minds. Out of gutter. Now.* This is not about relationships, I said.) Toss it in the bag with the umbrella (just in case), the wallet, the cheque-book, the sunglasses (if I'm taking the brollie, I sure as hell am taking the sunnies), the book, the MP3 player, the lipsalve, the tissues, the cell phone, the streetfinder, the camera, the Japanese ashtray, the huge keyring... Why am I bothering with a lady-like purse or even a girlie bag? A wheeled suitcase is obviously the way to go here. And at least my pictures would be showing the actual target, instead of a blurry mass of bleeding colors.

*They weren't? Sorry. Blame Coupling.

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