01 mai 2005

Unrequited love

It's mating season among pigeons too, you know.
I spent the afternoon with a friend, lolling on a terrasse and walking about, enjoying the sun... whatever you do on a Sunday in the city.
We were looking for a(nother) much-deserved break from all this strolling around, and we happened upon a little park where benches were free of any behinds. And in Paris, benches are a much sought-after commodity, especially on a Sunday when the sun is most definitely out and the weather is summer-like. Anyway, we parked our butts to enjoy this lovely lovely glace we'd just bought from this lovely lovely place (for those of you who live in Paris and those of you who want to visit, it's Cacao et Chocolat, in the 6th) and we watched male pigeons courting female pigeons. This is not a parable. We really did look closely at how pigeons go about pulling.
Well, it's not much different from us after all. They'll inflate their pecs. They'll prance around. They'll stalk. They won't take no for an answer. And then, when the female finally decides that oh, what the feck, maybe they are nice and do have a great personality when better known, they'll pretend they're not interested and play hard to get.
It's sweet to see that really, boys will be boys.

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