10 mai 2005

First time's a charm

I met my first blogger on Saturday. Brenda was holidaying in Paris for a couple weeks, and we managed to meet just before she left. She was here with her mum, so I prepped myself to be nice and polite and not smoke, and then I met them, and it just wasn't an effort at all. They are lovely and I'm all chuffed we managed to meet.
She was the first, so I might have been a little gauche, and you ask her how it really went from her point of view, but if you're ever in Paris and I'm still around (more on that at some point), I'd be happy to go for a drink. Especially now that we stumbled upon this lovely little tea shop (worry not, if you're looking for alcohol, I also have a few addresses up my sleeve). But don't expect me to play tour guide: she'll tell you, I'm useless; in fact, I got lost on my way back. Kidding you not.

This might be the exact reason why I started this blog thing. Being French, living in France, with French-speaking French friends, I really wanted to move back to an English-speaking environment. I still do, but the wanting is less difficult to bear now that I get to "speak", read and live in English vicariously through you lot.
So I really want to thank you all for popping over here every once in a while and commenting (and yes, that extends to all of you people who apparently come here regularly but never comment, because much as I would love to know who you are, I also thrive on the attention...), and enabling me to have pseudo (or not)-conversations in English.
To be completely honest,
and I am NOT fishing for compliments, I don't quite understand what it is that draws you here (as we've already ascertained that I do not, in fact, ride scooters in a thong so you are never getting a picture of this), but I quite like the fact that I have some sort of pen-pals the world over.

That's it for the naff, Melanie-Hamilton-when-she-was-9 kind of post. Normal, nasty service will be resumed as soon as I get normal, nasty access to a computer and inspiration deigns paying me a visit. Well...
"I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow".

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