23 mai 2005

The end is near

OK, so I lied. I was wrong. It doesn't always rain in Scotland. It actually was sunny for a couple hours on Friday and most of the afternoon on Sunday. I do have photographic evidence, but I suspect it will get to you at about the same time the card does, so I'll probably be back by then.
You have to understand my frustration at this rain thing. I have spent the last 10 years of my life telling everyone that no, it doesn't always rain in Scotland, that it is bordering on libellous to spread such blatantly unfounded rumours, that I've stayed there for two years and can well remember the days of sunshine and warmth (and not because they were few and far between, stop it right now). So coming here for my first holiday in donkey's years (?) and seeing rain, cold and clouds as a daily feature has made me feel a little betrayed.
But hey, it's all forgotten now.
I have also found internet cafés galore. Well, I did see 2. I'm still using Lilith's computer, though. Much more fun.
Oh, and I have found another reason to be annoyed... Did you know that in Edinburgh, not only do they have pigeons, as in any other self-respectful city, but they also have seagulls? Both, sometimes at the same time at the same place. The horror. The horror.
I have also found a reason to be afraid. Very afraid. I have spent half of my stay sharing my space with a maniacal cat that pees on everything you inadvertently leave lying around on the floor. Thankfully, I had been properly warned. So I spent half of my stay maniacally looking over my shoulder to check that I hadn't left anything lying around on the floor.
OK, on to the positive, then, you party poopers you.

I spent Saturday evening in the pub, and that was the best evening out I've had in a long time. And that does say something, as I've had more than a few lovely evenings lately.
I went to
Murrayfield on Sunday to see the Heineken Cup final (yeah, apparently, that's what the European Cup is called). Two French sides. Because we, my dearies, are good. Not good enough to score a try in the whole bloody game, but good nonetheless.
And I met
Alan on Friday! Turns out second time's a charm too. It was really short (lunch time, he was working) but a lovely time I had. And it was sunny too. He told me he'd post a photo of this up on his site, and I will ask you kindly not to judge me by it. Remember my hair went through a very harsh trauma recently, and I haven't had a chance to get a tan. Plus I'm so much cuter in the flesh*.

Normal service will be resumed very shortly.

* Alan, don't...

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