26 mai 2005

Self-centered stuff

I've been hit by a meme by Adamant. Just as well, because I didn't have a clue what I would write about BUT, before you go and hit me too, he's allowed because when he gets published, I get to translate his book. Hurry, Daisy.
Also, I'm supposed to tag three of you with it. However, I'm not good with rules, so please tag yourselves in the comments. The first three get to go. And oh well, if you really want to do it and you're at a disadvantage because of the time difference, consider yourself tagged too.

Three names I go by:
Anne, Anne-Claire (don't ever call me that though), merdeuse (my brother, what can I say)
Three screen names that I have had: Pauline, Denise, la Crieuse (I hope stage counts)
Three things I like about myself: my sense of humour, generosity, tolerance
Three things I don't like about myself: my sense of humour (sometimes you know, just not funny), generosity (sometimes you know, just corny slap-me-into-some-sense annoying), touchiness
Three parts of my heritage: Corsican, Italian, Extra-Terrestrial (a few people have asked me what planet I come from, I just haven't investigated that far yet)
Three things that scare me: flying beasties, plumbing problems, skiing
Three of my everyday essentials: coffee, laughter, people
Three things I am wearing right now: socks, tee-shirt, glasses (picture of sexy, I'm telling you)
Three of my favorite bands or musical artists: Dean Martin, Nappy Roots, Living Colour
Three of my fave songs: (I'll try to be coherent) Love rears up its ugly head (Living Colour), Sholiz* (Nappy Roots), Son of a preacher man (Dusty Springfield)
Three new things I want to try in the next 12 months: DIY, parachute jumping, the USA
Three things I want in a relationship: love, laughter, trust
Two truths and a lie: I was saved by banana trees in a car crash once, I was saved from screaming fans by the make-up girl after a theatre performance, I was saved from five policemen by a taxi driver once
Three physical things that attract me to the opposite sex: hands, eyes, smile (in no particular order)
Three things I can't do without: humanity, laughter, music
Three of my fave hobbies: reading, watching movies, vegging out with friends
Three places I want to go on vacation: the whole world, the moon, Mars
Three things I just can't do: be nasty** (it's true too, and sooooo frustrating sometimes), drill a hole into a wall, win the lottery
Three kids' names: Sue Ellen (isn't that criminal? because it was used in France), J.R., Bobby (I can't think of names that I really love or hate)
Three things I want to do before I die: restore a house, stop smoking, live on a beach somewhere
Three celebrity crushes: what, only three? I'm known for unbelievably many - George Clooney, Jean-Baptiste Martin, Christopher Brookmyre (you know what they say about making a girl laugh, just imagine what it's like if you make her laugh when she's on her own in a plane/train/crowded subway)

* By the way, if someone can explain the lyrics to me, I'll be forever grateful - I know, I love a song that I don't in fact understand: that's just the tip of the iceberg.
** So if you feel I was mean to you once, you can safely chalk it up to ill-advised sarcasm or badly used language.

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