25 mai 2005

Home again

That was the longest trip back. I left my friend Lilith at 9:45 in the morning and arrived home at 9 p.m. For a one-and-a-half-hour train journey and a one-and-a-half-hour flight.
The rest was spent in metros, taxis, airports and stations. With one companion of choice though: Christopher Brookmyre. He's a fantastic crime writer from Scotland, with a great sense of humour and I basically love him (intellectually oviously).
So Christopher Brookmyre, if you ever stumble upon this, please get in touch, because a couple of your books have already been translated into French but I'm willing to sacrifice the rest of my life to do the others
*. There, that's out now.

Oh yeah, because I'm now officially out of work. Last week was holiday, now it's your basic jobless status. Another couple of days (I do need to recuperate from the jet-lag, you know) and I'll start flooding the world with my CV (résumé for the US-born among you) and hope for the best, but basically if you live in an English-speaking part of the world and you know of someone looking for a French-speaking translator/editor... or something (I'll stoop to coffee-bringer if it means bringing it to George Clooney or Christopher Brookmyre or Stephen King)... don't hesitate to either send them my way or send me theirs... mucho appreciated...

Why English-speaking? Well, no idea, but it all started when I was 11. And since then, it hasn't changed. I mean, come on, I was chatted up by a charming 21-year old on Saturday, and that hasn't happened to me in France since I was... 20 probably (and it was charming, even if it was a case of the Mrs Robinson syndrome, you cheeky monkeys).
There is something about the English language that makes me feel home and actually calms down the raging madwoman in me. Kind of. Come on, I put my credibility on the line everyday when I type something down here, there's got to be something strong at work.

OK, I evidently can't really write properly right now (my brain is atrophying after a week of doing nothing, how quick is that???), so next post will be a meme I was tagged with by Adamant.

* Actually, let's not be too literal on that sacrifice thing, shall we?

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