09 avril 2005

A travesty of democracy

Fooled you there, didn't I. You thought I was (ugh, not a-gain) going to make a complete fool of myself by talking of things I just don't understand. Well no. And, just so you know, I hate being predictable.

I need your help, in the form of some sort of vote. I know there are e-tools for that, but frankly, I'm not sure I can handle them, and I'd rather read your opinions than figures.
I finished Peter Carey's My life as a fake, which I highly recommend: I've already professed my love for the guy, and I'm sticking by this. Although you don't have to believe me, as I used to enjoy reading Jilly Cooper. Oh, come on, I was 20, living in Scotland, and I needed a sense of British culture. Hee. British culture. Jilly Cooper.

Anyway, Anne. Focus. I will be reading Krishnamurti's De l'amour et de la solitude (On Love and Loneliness
in English) (and boy I can't wait, but I figured the sooner it's read, the sooner I can move on - and somebody lent it to me, so I can't decently procrastinate indefinitely...) for the coming week (small book, but I'm obviously expecting arduous reading and a lot of falling asleep and eye-rolling in-between), and after that, I'm at a loss.

I have quite a few books that are begging to be read, and I'm not sure which one I should start with.

In order of appearance on my shelves, so that's alphabetical. Boring. So boring, in fact that I'm going to sort them by colour theme instead, I think.

Monica Ali: Brick lane
Christine Angot : Pourquoi le Brésil
Margaret Atwood: The blind assassin
Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice
Desmond Bagley: Die Täuschung (I'm
evidently showing off on the language, here, not on the author... plus I'm sure it'd take me for ever to read)
Mongo Béti : Remember Ruben (French-speaking in fact)
Louis Bromfield : Mrs. Parkington (in French)
Marcus Clarke: For the term of his natural life
Michael Curtin: The Cove shivering club
William Faulkner : Oeuvres complètes (complete works, in French...)
Gustave Flaubert : L'Education sentimentale
Jostein Gaarder : Le monde de Sophie (Sophie's world)

John Galsworthy: The Forsyte Saga, Vol. 1
Denis Guedj: Les cheveux de Bérénice
Thorkild Hansen : La mort en Arabie (no idea what it would be in English but I can give you the original Danish title - that's the country, not the lovely little pastry that would go so well with the book and a cuppa: Det lykkelige Arabien; I might as well do it for Sophie's world too, eh: Sofies Verden in Norwegian)
Michel Houellebecq : Les particules élémentaires
Daniel Mason: The piano tuner
Alexander McCall Smith: The N°1 Ladies' detective agency
Ian McEwan: Enduring love
DBC Pierre: Vernon God Little
Edgar Poe: Selected poems (not big on poetry, so that will be kind of like feeding jam to pigs)
Edgar Poe: The fall of the House of Usher and other writings
Malcolm Pryce: Last tango in Aberystwyth
Alain Robbe-Grillet : Les gommes
William Shakespeare: The two gentlemen of Verona
Anton Tchekhov : La mouette
William M. Thackeray: Vanity Fair
Rose Tremain: The colour
PG Wodehouse: A damsel in distress (how fitting)

I am counting on you here. If you've not read any of those, just pick one out at random. Please.
I had something else to say, but I can't remember what now, and that's long enough anyway.

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