12 avril 2005

Memories can't wait

That was so clever I nearly hurt myself.
Living Colour.
I was wondering whatever had happened to them as I was aware they had split back in 1995; but apparently they reunited two years ago. Well, they released one album, the rest is all re-releases and stuff, but still.
You have to understand, I have no musical culture or education whatsoever, I judge music by the effect it has on me, period (and that explains the variety of music I'm "into"). Plus, I've never had any music-reading classes or whatever you might want to call it, and as I lived in Algeria and Cameroon until I was 18, current music was not exactly my forte. I knew about it, sounds and stuff, but I only heard the most popular bands because they were they only ones who'd made it across.
And when I was 20 and back in France, the guy I was madly madly in love with then decided he would make my musical education. As far as I was concerned, he could do whatever he wanted with me. So when he gave me Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fishbone and Living Colour (and Joe Satriani, but that I'm not going into) to listen to, I was game.
And Living Colour I even saw in concert, in Lyons' Transbordeur (they were not that big in France and I've had this crazy misconception since then that this venue is the height of hip). And it was cooooool. The frequencies were so high I felt the music in my throat, the roadies when doing the "balances" (?) checked the mikes by going "How are you, mo'fuckers?" at the top of their voices, and the whole audience went bonkers. And I kept thinking that everybody was cheering at the fact that we'd just been called motherfuckers. I was young and innocent.
The concert started with two guests, Therapy? and somebody else I can't remember (ooh the shame...). And then they were there.
OOOH, I nearly forgot. We were having a ciggie before the concert, on the parking lot, and we saw Doug Wimbish. And we talked to him, saying something like "Hi Doug" (pronouncing it à la French...) and he walked towards us, smiling, ready to have a pre-gig chat with us. That's when we just deflated. There was no word in English left in us. Actually, there were a few in me, but I was so afraid to say something completely ridiculous that I held my tongue. So we just smiled. So he just left. Probably thinking something like "Pah, those French. What a bunch of idiots." Except not in those words.
The concert started, and I had a connection with Vernon Reid. I just know that, OK. Nobody believed me then, but to this day, I am convinced that he played exclusively for me the whole concert.
That's it.
Oh, also it was a great concert. My personal regret was that they didn't play "Solace of you", but then, I'd been warned it was highly unlikely, considering the type of concert it was and the type of music this particular single is.

Anyway, have a listen to Love rears its ugly head. It's the best love song evah. The link is for a sample and it's crap, so if you want to listen to it in full, let me know, I'll send it over. I have no idea how to do it otherwise.

And OOOH again, apparently they have a blog where I'll bet they're not telling us about their childhood memories.

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