08 avril 2005

Generation gap

Went to the cinema last night with some friends, to see a spur-of-the-moment kind of movie, one I'd never make time for otherwise. It's called Brice de Nice (the beauty of it is you can pronounce it whichever way you care to, as long as it rhymes - part of the plot, you see). It's based on the sketch character (sketch, yes? no?) of a surfer guy waiting for the big one. On the Côte d'Azur. Mediterranean, no waves. You get the picture.
I don't think it could be much fun to non-French speakers, except it struck me as being very American somehow (in a good way). It's not a particularly good movie or anything, but it's really quite funny, with a few Grease or Bollywood elements to it, and I'm definitely not sorry I went. Apart from the fact that we were probably the oldest people in there and the majority of the audience was laughing at stuff we didn't get; and "Big yellow taxi" is going through my head as I type this, a song which not one member of the audience would have ever heard of if it wasn't for Janet Jackson's sampling.
I'm hesitating between old and immature. Typical.

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