07 avril 2005

No post today

Very tired due to last night's pub session, so I thought it was only fair not to inflict it on you but exclusively on my workmates - especially since two of them were involved in yesterday's shenanigans.
And shenanigans it was, believe you me: there were three of us out, girls, resolved to have a good time, without nobody getting hurt. We selected an Australian pub because, well, I insisted. And out we went. And they loved us there. Especially that obnoxious French bloke, completetely off his face, just... ew... whom I had to shove off of me at some point. And he came back. Prob'ly that librarian thing, huh.
And the two Aussies, who were so young I'm wondering if taking the mickey like we did wasn't illegal. They were awfully sweet, though. And I think they did love us.

Oh, quick side-note. There was a girl, 14 years old or something, on the metro this morning, reading Paris Metro, how fitting, seeing as she was on it in it... I'm tired, I tell you. Well, I hate metros in the morning, I do, but for 15 seconds, she made it nice. I hope she has a very good life.

Anyway, I said I wouldn't post, so don't make me lie.

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