25 avril 2005


The new girl has quit. I don't know how it works elsewhere, but in France, there's a trial (probation?) period where you can quit effective immediately.
Well, she gone and done it.
I don't know yet the effect this will have on my little life, leaving date and all.

Urgh, urgh (as in update, not well received)
Apparently, we're starting the recruitment process anew. Oh the impending joy of having to read umpteen application letters and resumes, sorting out the grammatically-challenged and spelling-impaired ones from the potential winners. Oh the anticipated pleasure of calling each of the happy few to arrange for an interview. Oh the ecstasy of spending five minutes with each in English so we know if they're going to handle the phone or not. Oh. Oh. Oh.
Notice how this is a sort of reverse Santa. Well, that's exactly what it means to me. A negative present. Anyway. Might as well get to it if I want to be able to go away as planned, eh!

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