26 avril 2005

Dream sequence

This dream I actually had 6 months ago, but I've been thinking about it lately and I kind of like it. Plus I don't usually remember my dreams this vividly.

I am away with a friend for the week-end. New York (I've never been there but it is my dream, so don't say anything about the believability of what's following. And I know believability is not a word either. In fact, I've just checked, it is a word).

We're staying in a motel/hotel (of sorts).

Fast-forward (and that's not because I don't want to bore you with unnecessary details, believe me, if I could, I would).

My friend and I have gone our separate ways for the day. I'm now back from my own errands and errings, whatever I've been doing. Realise at the entrance of the motel that I don't have the key to the room, and I can't even enter the motel itself. But I also realise that this motel is very much like the halls of residence when I was a student in Scotland so I knock on someone's window on the ground floor to ask for him (an un
surprisingly student-like guy) to open up, explain my problem and he lets me in. Arriving outside the door to our room, I find that I do after all have the key. Cow.
Open the door. Some talk radio is blaring in there. I look for it and find it inside a closet (I know. I'm still looking for an explanation for that. I'm very intrigued). Turn it down, or off, can't remember, and go about packing my stuff and tidying the room which I think we're leaving soon.
While I'm busying myself, I see huge-mongous roaches on the carpet. Dead. Instead of fleeing away with arms flailing, I bend down to study them - they are so dead they are nearly embedded in the carpet - and decide to move my bed over them so I won't see them anymore and they won't bother me (I was going to write "decide not to bother with them and to move my bed to hide them under", but that was not exactly how I reasoned in my dream).
That's when my friend comes back. We talk a little, I show her the roaches in a completely undramatic way, and then we see across the street, in a high-rise on the same level as us i.e. apparently quite high up
now, a couple children and their dad waving at us. They are operating a dry-cleaning shop thing.

And I wake up.

Doesn't this seem to say "I'm very disturbed but I've decided not to care anymore"? In a positive way?

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