02 novembre 2005

Weird science

"A modern though little realised example of undecimal counting is seen in the ISBN of published books. Any ISBN comprises ten digits. If you multiply the first by ten, the second by nine, the third by eight, and so on, summing the results as you go along, the result will always be divisible by eleven." William Hartston; What Are The Chances Of That?: Fabulous Facts About Figures; Metro Books; 2004.
Found on Wordsmith.org
See, this is exactly why I could be Rain Man. Because, reading this, I thought "Wow. Neat!" and, then "Oh, I wish I had found that".
But in fact (is that allowed? "But in fact" sounds like a copy editor's nightmare) I'm pretty sure that multiplying all digits by n(+1) until n is 10 (oh I've forgotten the whole math writing thing, shame, pity, frustration!) then summing them pretty much explains the whole divisible by 11 thing somehow.
OK. Listen, if I stumbled upon a truth that I hold self-evident, but that the powers that be don't want you to be aware of, because the truth is out there and all that, and I am eliminated by masked contract killers on a scooter while sauntering away to work, you'll know I was right. Please tell my friends and parents (should that be parents and friends?) that I loved them. And don't be sad, today's a good day to die.
Oh my god. Kiefer Sutherland. I've just quoted Kiefer Sutherland. He wasn't particularly appealing in Flatliners, though, but as he's more than made up for it in "24", I shall be a happy* girl and declare this to be a good day indeed. In which case, I might not be completely ready to die? Should I just delete this whole thing so I can enjoy today, or leave it out there for the whole world (heh) to see, and take a chance in the name of... something? Hmmm.
Talking of Kiefer Sutherland, who else thinks that there's a resemblance between him and Kevin Bacon? And does that mean that one of their moms knew the other dad? And am I now in danger of being killed by one of their moms? Or by the other dad? Ooh, wouldn't it be glamorous to be killed by Donald himself? Now, I'm not saying he knew Kevin's mom. I'm just... you know... starting a rumor. Completely different.
Work is going to be difficult today. Not so much for me, though.

* there. Kiefer Sutherland, and it's "happy", no -ish involved. God I'm sad.

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