07 novembre 2005

Tell me why I don't like Mondays (bis)

Things that were going to trigger something and then, poof, the moment passed:
Winsome... - losesome? That made me laugh, what can I say. I'm simple.
Send an email time capsule to yourself, why don't you...? That's spooky. Write an email, send it, forget about it, and receive something from your past self in however much time? Spooky. I will though. I'm a sucker.

I had a violence-themed weekend: the riots have apparently reached Paris (yes, things are fine so far, no, I do not condone violence, yes, the situation is ever so slightly more complicated than I care to explain or than I understand), A History of Violence, Match Point, and several episodes of Deadwood.
I hope nobody crosses me on my way to work. Or at work for that matter. The mood is foul, people. Foul. God it's been a long time since it last was quite this foul.


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