13 novembre 2005


Tonight, hope flared up. An idea reared up its pretty head. An idea for a blog post. I swear. I was at a bar with some friends (it seems I spent the whole weekend in cafés and restaurants and pubs and bars. Ace.), we were thinking of what restaurant we were going to grace with our presence, and suddenly, there it was. The idea that was going to save this blog from certain death, either out of boredom or through hara-kiri - because blogs have feelings too, you know, and being abandoned for "so" long was definitely not helping this particular blog's self-esteem so it was crying, huddled in a corner of cyberspace, and nobody cared. Nobody cared. Well, you did, but you don't post here, so you were helping HaloScan's self-esteem, but not Blogger's. And who cares about Blogger's self-esteem when you can't even have long dashes (or whatever those are called in English) on Blogger, I hear your smoke-addled copy-editor-at-heart voices pipe up in slight annoyance. Or is it my smoke-addled, alcohol-laden voice? Whatever. Does that even make sense? No, don't answer that. In any case, something obviously cares, but that particular something is merely drooling and definitely not equipped to deal with punctuation angst.
Talking of which, I have just apparently deleted the whole Special Characters thingy from the Word Insert roll-down menu thingy, because I really wanted a long dash thingy in this post somewhere. I'm a bit lost. Can someone really do that? Can someone please undo it? Please? And now I can't even remember where I wanted the long dash thingy in the first place. Sweet baby J.
So anyway. Yeah, I had an idea, and then I lit a cigarette, or had another sip of beer, or talked more crap, and poof, the idea went up in smoke or down the drain or in one ear and out the other, or wherever ideas go to DIE, and now I'm back at square one. I am loving this week already.

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