05 novembre 2005

Just a quickie

Ah... Weekend. Finally.
I woke up refreshed after that hectic workweek and thought I'd go get some bread for breakfast (a picture of the inside of my fridge will be posted shortly - I have no shame - and just so you know, my cupboards are pretty much in that same state).

As I didn't have any cash, I needed to get some (my logic knows no break, even on the weekend). Dutifully stopped at the ATM on the way to the boulangerie, and was dodging the dogturds on the pavement when I heard a very suburbanly accented "Madame!". I thought "uh-oh, no, not married. Am I?". And then, "uh-oh, forgotten my card in the slot, you cow, wake up before I go out!" ("you" and "me" are just symptoms of my split personalities - please don't worry your pretty little heads about that). I turned back and saw a girl who was indeed waving something at me. I took a few steps toward her and she went "you forgot your cash!" I think I'll have to go back to bed now.
I hope she has a good life.

And if Nicolas Sarkozy wants more proof that the suburban youths are only out to burn cars and be a pain in the good citizen's back, well, there goes, eh.

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