04 février 2007

How long does it take for a stomach to regrow itself?

It's currently being eaten alive by a giant ulcer from out of space. Yeah, OK, not really. But that's certainly what it feels like anyway (like you didn't know that complaining about things blown completely out of proportion was my thing...)
Here's the news - and I'm going to just go and throw caution to the wind here. Apparently, one of my numerous applications has finally been accepted, and I'll be rowing my way across the ocean some time at the beginning of May to make a brand new start of it where Rachel and Monica amazingly never met Carrie, Samantha or Mac Taylor. Man, that's a cross-over I would have paid a lot to watch.
Of course, there's a lot to do till then - not least of all negotiate a contract that will enable me to live there (and not just, you know, work and crash in a abandoned metro car somewhere), trying very hard not to scare my still prospective employers away in the process, but I said I was throwing caution to the wind.
So yeah, be warned: I cannot vouch for user experience on these pages for the next three months. Any advice on herbal try-not-to-eat-your-innards-from-the-inside remedies will be much, much appreciated in the interval.

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