14 février 2007

Happy... *choke* *splutter* *die*

Yeah. I really wanted to write something about Valentine's Day.
Mostly because I'd hate people to think that I'm
cynical and bitter without even giving them any proof of this.
And then I got up -- quite late, but I don't really mind that these days, considering I supposedly have a job lined up -- thought "funny, my prospective employers still haven't rung me back about my feeble attempt at negotiating, does that mean that by talking to the entire world about this, I've managed to jinx it yet again?" and money worries, compounded by a pervasive sense of doom, replaced all thought of love.
Or, you know, lack thereof. Love. And money really.
Oh my, what a bleak prospect I'm now beholding. It's Valentine's Day and I'm
unloved, single, penniless, jobless*, while all around me people, oblivious of the incredibly shitty weather, walk hand in hand with a spring in their step, and rub salt in my wounds, which I'm left to lick alone.
But I wouldn't want my own unhappiness, fears, maybe even depression, to get in the way of your love fest. Have a wonderfully romantic day, people.**

*Well, one can be in a couple and unloved, or single and stalked, one can be employed and poor, or unemployed and rich. It just so happens that I've scored the perfect four.
** Oh dear. I hope I haven't just ruined it for you, even if it is just a little...

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