16 janvier 2007

She's alive! Alive!

Hey there. Yeah, just like Lazarus (also the Creature, but moving on).
OK, first things first. May 2007 be as fan-fucking-tastic to you as my health has been incredibly rotten to me lately. And I mean that with every altruistic fiber in my rapidly decomposing body.
Just in case the previous sentences don't mean squat, as I strongly suspect they do ('nt?) - and also because I really want, nay need, people to feel sorry for me - let me give you a hint as to what's been plaguing me these past four weeks (and it does go some way
(only a short leg if I must start the year on some semblance of a healthy basis and be honest) towards explaining why I've been even more sparse (than usual) around here): so first there was the (see below) crick in my neck, then there was a stomach flu, then there was an eyelid infection, then there was the (proper) flu, then there was a horrendously painful and horrendously long muscle contraction in my right arm, which in fact hasn't completely gone, and now I feel a cold sneaking up.
There. Feeling sorry yet?
Oh come on.

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