20 décembre 2006

Christmas resolution #534928**

Right, OK, well, hmmm, let's face the music here, shall we. I have a crick in my neck the size of... my neck really; Christmas is approaching fast and I'm, gasp, kind of looking forward to it; and although my smooth love affair with sleep seems to be continuing, it's of the brief and intense kind, seeing as I only sleep about 5 hours a night these days - and clearly, when you're making up for lost time, 5 hours is just not enough.
'Tis not the season to be writing then.
Thus... Let me simply wish you a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, wonderful holiday season, joyful non-denominational birth-of-the-baby-Jesus celebration*, blissful (and overdraft-inducing?) shopping spree, and all sorts of other seasonal sentiments. Pick one, several, or all.
Have fun and be merry, people!

* Am I ripping someone off with this? I have a feeling I might be. It just doesn't seem possible that considering the state I'm in right now, I could think up big words such as "non-denominational" all on my own.
** You are quite right. There is not a mention of resolutions in this post. Tough.

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