10 décembre 2006


It's been a while. Hello, my name is anne, and I'm a lapsed blogger.
In order to ease my way back gently into the sacred art of posting, I'm going to stand proud before the world and clamor "I've been tagged" - twice, in fact, and oh hey, that'll be two posts taken care of already.

First tag was by Alan, and it was a long time ago.
Ten Things I'll Never Do.
Are you afraid? Good.
1. I'll never watch Titanic. I still haven't seen it, and I suppose that now I've typed it, it's set in stone, isn't it? There will be none of that Céline Dion bleating in my DVD player.
2. Talking of which, I'll never go to a Céline Dion concert either (isn't it funny how I keep typing Céline Fion, when Fion means "butt" in French argot...?)
3. As a complete non-sequitur (or... is it?), I'll probably never turn vegetarian. Meat, for lack of a better word, is good. Meat [...] works (for me, Alan. For me.).
4. I'll never
thoroughly answer a meme call. In my usual (now legendary?) cop-out words, I will probably not list ten things. In my defense, there are a whole lot of things that I would consider doing. In my other defense, well, I haven't posted in two weeks, surely that says something about my dedication to all things keyboard these days.
5. With the French presidential elections looming, let me get political - or at the very least, current-affairy. I'll never vote for a far-right party. Goes without saying, but it feels much better saying it.
6. I'll never sing a duet with Dean Martin. Feel free to laugh, but that pains me to no end.
7. I'll never understand the appeal of Antonio Banderas, let alone be part of the female th(r)ongs that follow in his wake.
8. I'll never tag - but please, do feel free to rebel in the comments.

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